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. stop trying as he can notice im not into it.I love him so much and he is very attractive man but my sex drive is at an ultimate low.Im 25 and im in lithuim and Serequalserequal .
I know about Serequal (sometimes gives nightmares too) and heard of Prazosin.. Anything else? I go to dr. on Mon and would like to tell him so maybe he'll try it on .
Have been taking remeron 30 mg. for about 3 months. I gained 10 pounds. I am also taking serequal and zoloft. I am constantly tired. I don't feel l.
Thank you very much, i have noticed a difference in my mood's much more calm, not sedate, i will talk to my dr. about the sleep issue,i had this prob. before i went on the serequal .
I thought i was taking 25mg but i was taking the 100mg! i took 4 times as much! I took about 1,000mg. Is that enough to kill me? I need to know whether or not i need .
I was on Serequal for at least 6 years with many of Serequal the decribed symptoms. The last several months, I was on Serequal XR and that is when the main problem.
The doctor has since then switched his medicines to serequal and divoprex. He keeps punching us and pinching himself to the point of bruising everywhere.
does Serequal serequal put your blood sugars higher then normal? does serequal put your blood sugars higher then normal? does serequal put your blood sugars higher then normal?
I'm on Serequal and Lamactil now, very new.. so I haven't stabilized yet, but noticing a different on the Serequal. My pdoc said that afterwards, if I am still having issues .
serequal - MedHelp's serequal Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for serequal. Find serequal information, treatments for serequal and serequal .
Medikament: Seroquel; Erfahrungsberichte: 540; Krankheit: Depression, Psychose, Schlafst�rungen, Borderline-St�rung, Angstst�rungen; Nebenwirkungen: M�digkeit .
SEREQUAL SIDE EFFECTS : serequel elderly dementia : herpes on yhe lips : t : is saraquel a weight gained : blood sugar drop cause extrem sleepyness : serequal 25 mg for sleep
Answer it is a sedative [Seroquel

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